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Changes for Monday, July 30


Cancelled Class Name Class Time Location
Archery Range Set-Up 9:00 AM Archery
Thrown Weapons Range Setup 9:00 AM Thrown Weapons Range
Japanese Stab Binding: Make a Book in Under 1 Hour 10:00 AM Livonia Smithery (170)
Beginning Repoussé and Chasing 12:00 PM Livonia Smithery (170)
Pennsic Radio Base-Station Training 12:00 PM A&S 1
Advanced Repoussé and Chasing 3:00 PM Livonia Smithery (170)
12-Step Meetings 4:00 PM Denys The Decadent (Denys the Decadent's Camp EO8)
Yoga for Relaxation and Refreshment 4:30 PM Atlantian Royal Camp (N40-1)
Medieval Glass Painting with Vitreous Enamel 6:00 PM Historical Glassworks (10 Bell Road)
Bedtime Stories for Children 7:00 PM A&S 13
Evening with Bill W 7:00 PM N28 Freehold/Coldwood (N28)


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There are no changes for this date.