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Changes for Sunday, August 04


Cancelled Class Name Class Time Location
Bellatrix: Individual Session 7:00 AM Red List
Yoga for Dancers, Fighters, or Pretty Much Anyone 7:45 AM Dance Tent
Murrine and Canes 8:00 AM A&S 4
Coffee with Friends of Bill and Dr Bob 8:00 AM A&S 14
How to Make an Atlatl Dart 8:00 AM Thunder Bird Atlatl (Thunder Bird Atlatl Booth #101?)
Morning Session, Youth Combat Open Field 8:00 AM Youth Combat List
Rehearsal (Closed): Known World Players (KWP) 8:30 AM Performing Arts Tent
Commedia dell'Arte for Youth 9:00 AM Amphitheater
7th Pennsic Period Bow Shoot 9:00 AM Archery
A&S Item Photography 9:00 AM Great Hall
Ambiance for the Modern Middle Ages 9:00 AM RS1
Anglo-Saxon Food 9:00 AM A&S 7
Archery Practice 9:00 AM General Archery
Beginner Dance for Families 9:00 AM Dance Tent
Chains: From BCE Through the Renaissance 9:00 AM A&S 8
Elevation: From Vigil to Ceremony 9:00 AM A&S 5
Empty Tent Place Holder - 2 Hours 9:00 AM A&S 15
Family Stick Weaving 9:00 AM Pine Box Traders (192)
Introduction to Scribal Arts 9:00 AM Æthelmearc 2
Irish Frame Drum: Introduction to the Bodhrán 9:00 AM A&S 14
Medieval-Style Mustards 9:00 AM A&S 11
Meet the New Society Chatelaine 9:00 AM A&S 19
Parés Works: An Overview 9:00 AM A&S 3
Period Card Games: Laugh and Lie Down 9:00 AM Games Tent
Pictorial Puns: Heraldic Canting Roundtable 9:00 AM A&S 2
SCA Steel Fighting Experiment 9:00 AM Green List
Shoemaking 9:00 AM A&S 10
Stylin' Series: Florentine-Stitch Embroidery 9:00 AM A&S 17
Thorsberg Trousers: Pants That Last! 9:00 AM A&S 12
Thrown Weapons MIT: Part 1 9:00 AM Thrown Weapons Tent
Thrown Weapons Populace Throw 9:00 AM Thrown Weapons Populace Range
East Kingdom Day: Origami 9:30 AM Family Point Tent 1
Toddler Playgroup 9:30 AM Youth Point
Chōri: Samurai Chef - Medieval Cookery Workshop 10:00 AM East Kingdom Royal
12th-Century Women's Clothing 10:00 AM A&S 8
A Family Walking Tour of Pennsic 10:00 AM Family Point Tent 1
A Guidebook to the Performing Arts at Pennsic 10:00 AM A&S 9
Beekeeping on a Peasant's Pittance 10:00 AM A&S 7
Beginning Atlatl 10:00 AM Atl. Atl. Range
Belly Dance with Hadia 10:00 AM Middle Eastern Tent
Creating Pigments, Period Style 10:00 AM Æthelmearc 2
East Kingdom College of Performers 10:00 AM A&S 13
East Kingdom Day: Puppet-Making 10:00 AM Family Point Tent 1
Fear and Fighting 10:00 AM University-Battlefield
Hand Sewing Intro: Make a Pouch 10:00 AM Family Point Tent 2
Introduction to a Basic Healing Balm 10:00 AM RS1
Japanese Stab Book Binding 10:00 AM Livonia Smithery (170)
Kinetic Tournament 10:00 AM Thrown Weapons Range
Lampwork Veil Pins and Metal Shank Buttons 10:00 AM A&S 4
Pennsic Homes, Part 1: Wagon Homes 10:00 AM A&S 3
Pennsic Known World Choir 10:00 AM Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent
Rapier Bear Pit Tourney 10:00 AM Rapier List 1
Storytelling Academy 10:00 AM Minerva's Spindle (158)
Topics in Basic Heraldry 10:00 AM Herald's Point ( Intersection of the Low Road with the Great Eastern Highway, next to Family Point)
Unbelted Champions Battle 10:00 AM Battlefield List
Unusual Playford Dances 10:00 AM Dance Tent
Weed Walk 10:00 AM University Point
Youth Theatre 10:00 AM Amphitheater
Belted Champions Battle 10:30 AM Battlefield List
Aum Chanting: Meditation Through Mantra Chant 11:00 AM Rune Stone Park
A Hand A Day: Blackletter Double Trouble 11:00 AM Æthelmearc 1
Allied Champions Battle 11:00 AM Battlefield List
Archery Populace War Point 11:00 AM General Archery
Bardic Circles 101 11:00 AM A&S 9
Bidding the Bedes: Introduction to Paternosters 11:00 AM A&S 8
Classical Cryptology: Codes and Ciphers 11:00 AM A&S 5
East Kingdom Day: Game Bags 11:00 AM Family Point Tent 1
Equity and Inclusion 102: Honoring SCA Core Values 11:00 AM Bog U
Fun, Flirty Beginner Italian Dances 11:00 AM Dance Tent
How To Fret and Strut Your Hour Upon The Stage 11:00 AM Amphitheater
How to Teach Youth to Throw 11:00 AM Thrown Weapons Tent
Intro to Minoan Women's Fashion (Crete, 1600 BC) 11:00 AM A&S 7
Known World Chatelaines Meeting 11:00 AM A&S 19
Lucet Basics 11:00 AM Pine Box Traders (192)
Multiplayer Period Chess 11:00 AM Games Tent
Period Pigments & Paints: Make a Period Paint Set! 11:00 AM Guild Mirandola (Booth 167)
Sex and Gender in the German Reformation 11:00 AM A&S 14
Sharing the Magic Outside of the SCA 11:00 AM A&S 12
Sock School 3: Tippy Toes 11:00 AM A&S 18
The Care and Feeding of Canvas Tentage 11:00 AM A&S 3
Twisted 11:00 AM A&S 1
Viking Whipcord: Don’t Plunder Without It 11:00 AM A&S 6
Wood Block Stamping and Stenciling on Fabric 11:00 AM A&S 10
Maghribi Philosophy: Mind of Maimonides 12:00 PM A&S 16
American Tribal Style(R) to Fast 9/8? Yes, we can! 12:00 PM Middle Eastern Tent
Bardic Arts In Your Persona 12:00 PM A&S 9
Beginning Repoussé and Chasing 12:00 PM Livonia Smithery (170)
Beginning Glass Bead-Making 12:00 PM A&S 4
Beginning Inkle Weaving 12:00 PM A&S 1
Brewing 101: Getting Started. 12:00 PM A&S 13
Care and Feeding of Thrown Weapons 12:00 PM Thrown Weapons Tent
East Kingdom A&S Rubric Training by EKMoAS 12:00 PM A&S 12
Egyptian Nalbinding 12:00 PM A&S 7
Female Fighter Meet-Up 12:00 PM A&S 17
Half the Ass of Athens: Drinking in Antiquity 12:00 PM Bog U
Harp for Absolute Beginners I 12:00 PM Argent Fox (Merchant area behind the barn)
Intro to Kanzashi Flowers 12:00 PM Serenity Studio (208)
Open Scribal Time 12:00 PM Æthelmearc 1
Pennsic Youth Choir 12:00 PM Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent
Photographers' Roundtable 12:00 PM A&S 2
Playtime with Period Pigments 12:00 PM Æthelmearc 2
Rehearsal (Closed): i Sebastiani 12:00 PM Performing Arts Tent
Running a Dance Musician Pit 12:00 PM Dance Tent
Structure of Elizabethan Comedy 12:00 PM A&S 8
Teen D&D Campaign: Face Red Hand Tribe 12:00 PM A&S 6
The Discovery of the Mary Rose 12:00 PM A&S 5
The One-Act Experience (Workshop) 12:00 PM Amphitheater
Wildly Weedy Herbs 12:00 PM RS1
Youth Letterboxing Adventure! 12:00 PM Family Point Tent 2
Æthelmearc-Sponsored Novelty Shoot 12:00 PM Novelty Range
Rapier Melée Champions 12:30 PM Battlefield List
Sprang Basics 1:00 PM Pine Box Traders (192)
A Hand a Day: Calligraphy 101 and the Uncial Hand 1:00 PM Æthelmearc 2
Best Bet Block Printing 1:00 PM Silvertree Souq (098 )
Cross Stitching 101: Getting Started 1:00 PM A&S 5
Cued Bellydance Combos with a Folkloric Touch 1:00 PM Middle Eastern Tent
Doll Clothes: Make-and-Take 1:00 PM Family Point Tent 2
Early English Ballads 1:00 PM A&S 9
East Kingdom Day: Candlemaking 1:00 PM Family Point Tent 1
Heroic Champions (Armored and Rapier) 1:00 PM Battlefield List
Introduction to Go 1:00 PM Games Tent
Just One More Spindle, Please! 1:00 PM A&S 8
Known World Baronial Archer Champions' Tourney 1:00 PM Archery
Medieval Folk Dance 1:00 PM Bog U
Newcomers' Social 1:00 PM A&S 19
Pelican and Protégé Meet-Up 1:00 PM Midrealm Royal (W01)
Pennsic 48 Arts and Sciences Display 1:00 PM Great Hall
Pennsic Children's Choir 1:00 PM Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent
Reconstructing Spiral Silver Posaments 1:00 PM A&S 11
Beginning Engraving 1:30 PM Livonia Smithery (170)
Heckler's Tourney 1:30 PM Thrown Weapons Range
Beginner Dance: Absolute Beginner 2:00 PM Dance Tent
Beginner Thrown Weapons 2:00 PM Thrown Weapons Training Range
Beginning Fletching Demonstration 2:00 PM A&S 4
Characters of Commedia Workshop 2:00 PM Amphitheater
Cooking with Herbs and Spices in Period Recipes 2:00 PM East Kingdom Royal
East Kingdom Day: Kumihimo 2:00 PM Family Point Tent 1
Forging Clay 2:00 PM A&S 6
Hidden Treasures: Counted Work Rarely Seen 2:00 PM A&S 17
History of Hungary 2:00 PM A&S 3
Intro to the Hurdy Gurdy 2:00 PM Bog U
Introduction to Pysanky 2:00 PM Æthelmearc 1
Introduction to Pattern Darning 2:00 PM A&S 2
North African Coffee 2:00 PM A&S 16
Potluck Roundtable 2:00 PM A&S 13
Powering Medical Devices at Pennsic 2:00 PM A&S 7
Project Eurotramp: There and Back Again 2:00 PM A&S 12
Runestone Bardic Circle 2:00 PM Rune Stone Park
Runestone Bardic Circle Practice: Alternate Site 2:00 PM Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent
Sex in Western Culture 2:00 PM A&S 14
The One-Act Experience (Workshop) 2:00 PM Performing Arts Tent
Writing Period-Style Ballads 2:00 PM A&S 9
Youth Combat Afternoon Session 2:00 PM Youth Combat List
Alquerques 3:00 PM Games Tent
Amoroso: A Tale of Two Dances 3:00 PM Dance Tent
Unnata Yoga: Yoga off the Ground 3:00 PM HordeU, Great Dark Horde, Horde Hill (E10)
Adapted Coptic Book for Youth 3:00 PM Family Point Tent 2
Advanced Repoussé and Chasing 3:00 PM Livonia Smithery (170)
An Introduction to Indian Rhythms I 3:00 PM Middle Eastern Tent
Bellatrix System: Entry Techniques 3:00 PM Red List
Beyond Lucet Basics 3:00 PM Pine Box Traders (192)
Brewing for Teens 3:00 PM A&S 6
East Kingdom Day: Kites 3:00 PM Family Point Tent 1
Face Your Fears: Facing Necklines 3:00 PM A&S 13
Heavy Weapons Greybeard Tournament 3:00 PM Green List
How To Properly Start Cross Stitch on Linen Fabric 3:00 PM A&S 8
Interkingdom Brewers' Guild Competition 3:00 PM A&S 10
Interkingdom Brewers' Guild Roundtable 3:00 PM A&S 11
Morgan Bible Book Of Kings Scribal Workshop 3:00 PM Æthelmearc 2
The Humoral Doctrine 3:00 PM A&S 3
Random Tournament 3:30 PM Thrown Weapons Range
Chorulus Pennsicus Rehearsals 4:00 PM Barony of Lochmere (Battle Road on the Serengetti, Block N19)
Al-Kahina: Jewish Warrior Prophetess 4:00 PM A&S 16
Amber: Northern Gold 4:00 PM Bog U
An Introduction to Indian Rhythms II 4:00 PM Middle Eastern Tent
Basics of Flexible Weapons Fighting 4:00 PM University-Battlefield
Bizarre Religious Practices of the Middle Ages 4:00 PM A&S 12
Bling Up Your Garb 4:00 PM A&S 6
Glass Gilding: "Verre Églomisé" 4:00 PM Guild Mirandola
Insults from the Stage 4:00 PM Amphitheater
Pennsic Party University 4:00 PM A&S 19
Siege Inspections 4:00 PM East Battlefield
The One-Act Experience 4:00 PM Performing Arts Tent
The Queen of Drachenwald's Rapier Tournament 4:00 PM Rapier List 2
Viking Food 4:00 PM A&S 4
Advanced 15th-Century Dance: Fia Guilemina a due 4:30 PM Dance Tent
Faye the Wayward Bard 5:00 PM Performing Arts Tent
Inkle Weaving Basics 5:00 PM Pine Box Traders (192)
Lots of Lazzi 5:00 PM Amphitheater
Pennsic Archery Marshals' meeting 5:00 PM Archery Tent
SCA Award Scrolls for the Beginning Scribe 5:00 PM Æthelmearc 1
Archery Champions Team Practice and Selection 5:30 PM General Archery
Cedar, The Barefoot Bard 5:30 PM Performing Arts Tent
Chorale du Lac (Bog Choir) 6:00 PM Bog U
Combat of the Thirty 6:00 PM North Battlefield
Helgaball Tournament 6:00 PM South Battlefield
Known World Players Annual Meeting 6:00 PM A&S 12
Teaching Italian Fencing and Western Martial Arts 6:00 PM Rapier List 3
The Ancient Celtic Field Sport of Hurling 6:00 PM University-Battlefield
Lanea Verch Kerrigan 6:30 PM Performing Arts Tent
Bedtime Stories for Children 7:00 PM A&S 13
East Kingdom Teen Party 7:00 PM East Kingdom Royal
Glass Workers Meet-'n-Greet 7:00 PM A&S 4
Knowne Worlde Youth Combat Marshals Meet-and-Greet 7:00 PM A&S 1
LGBTQ+ Teen Night 7:00 PM Family Point Tent 2
Duke Moonwulf's Annual Pennsic Concert 7:30 PM Performing Arts Tent
Known World Siege Marshal Social 8:00 PM Holt Heroetus (W01)
Pennsic Middle Eastern Dance Tent Hafla 8:00 PM Middle Eastern Tent
Vigil of Kelda Jungensdottir 8:00 PM Kilkenny Camp (X01)
In a Fool’s Garden: Fables of John Inchingham 8:30 PM Performing Arts Tent
Beginner's Ball 9:00 PM Dance Tent
i Sebastiani! 9:30 PM Performing Arts Tent


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