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Changes for Thursday, August 08


Cancelled Class Name Class Time Location
Iron Commedia: Creating a New 16th-Century Play 1:00 AM Amphitheater
Bellatrix: Individual Session 7:00 AM Red List
Yoga for Dancers, Fighters, or Pretty Much Anyone 7:45 AM Dance Tent
Étude 3 for Single Rapier Obliques and Cuts 8:00 AM Rapier List 3
Coffee with Friends of Bill and Dr Bob 8:00 AM A&S 14
Morning Session, Youth Combat Open Field 8:00 AM Youth Combat List
The Pennsic A&S War Point 8:00 AM Great Hall
Youth Combat Castle Battle 8:00 AM Fort
Rehearsal (Closed): Known World Players (KWP) 8:30 AM Performing Arts Tent
Bodhran 101 9:00 AM Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent
Bunkan Sokutai: Formal Japanese Court Garb 9:00 AM A&S 7
Commedia dell'Arte for Youth 9:00 AM Amphitheater
Or Nué: Colored Goldwork Embroidery 9:00 AM A&S 14
A Lidded Sewing Basket 9:00 AM A&S 11
A&S Item Photography 9:00 AM Great Hall
Archery Practice 9:00 AM General Archery
Bestiaries: Natural Science in the Middle Ages 9:00 AM A&S 3
Care and Maintenance of Sewing Machines 9:00 AM Cabochons/Maison Rive (24)
Chivalry: The History and Evolution of an Ideal 9:00 AM A&S 15
Color Theory Basics 9:00 AM Æthelmearc 1
Conflict Checking with the Complex Search 9:00 AM A&S 2
Doll Clothes: Make-and-Take 9:00 AM Family Point Tent 2
Drill, Hammer, Repeat: Rivet with Nail Set Tool 9:00 AM A&S 10
Frame Weaving Basics 9:00 AM Pine Box Traders (192)
Hidden Treasures: Counted Work Rarely Seen 9:00 AM A&S 17
Historic Stay Construction 9:00 AM A&S 18
History of Venetian Carnevale Masks 9:00 AM A&S 5
How to Create a Class 9:00 AM A&S 12
Largesse 9:00 AM A&S 8
Make a Pair of Wax Tablets 9:00 AM A&S 4
Northshield Day: A Morning in Italy 9:00 AM Family Point Tent 1
Period Card Games: Laugh and Lie Down 9:00 AM Games Tent
SCA Steel Fighting Experiment 9:00 AM Green List
Sharing the Magic Outside of the SCA 9:00 AM A&S 13
Throwing Tournament for the Physically Challenged 9:00 AM Thrown Weapons Range
Thrown Weapons Populace Throw 9:00 AM Thrown Weapons Populace Range
Youth Rapier Activities 9:00 AM Youth Combat List
Toddler Playgroup 9:30 AM Youth Point
Seishin-ryū Chadō Okeiko: Tea Ceremony Workshop 10:00 AM Clan Yama Kaminari (E03)
A Suit of Armor Explained 10:00 AM A&S 8
Aphrodisiacs: Food and Drink to Delight the Senses 10:00 AM East Kingdom Royal
Bardic Competitions Without Bloodshed 10:00 AM A&S 18
Basic Japanese Binding with Some Modern Variations 10:00 AM Good Friends Camp (Block N-01, St Lawrence Way)
Book of Kells and Zoomorphic Creations 10:00 AM Æthelmearc 2
Death and Necromancy in Rome 10:00 AM A&S 13
Event Finances: Before, During and After 10:00 AM A&S 1
Intro to Minoan Women's Fashion (Crete, 1600 BC) 10:00 AM A&S 3
Introduction to 13th-16th-Century Spanish Cooking 10:00 AM A&S 17
Irish Bardic Tradition 10:00 AM A&S 9
Japanese Stab Book Binding 10:00 AM Livonia Smithery (170)
Known World Webminister Social 10:00 AM A&S 12
Nail the Hey 10:00 AM Dance Tent
Stitching Temari: Wrapped and Woven Patterns 10:00 AM A&S 19
Viking Navigation and the Sunstone 10:00 AM A&S 5
Weed Walk 10:00 AM University Point
Youth Theatre 10:00 AM Amphitheater
Rapier Pillage Battle 10:30 AM Battlefield List
Gratzioso and La Graziosa 11:00 AM Dance Tent
Kumihimo Basics 11:00 AM Pine Box Traders (192)
Unnata Yoga: Yoga off the Ground 11:00 AM HordeU, Great Dark Horde, Horde Hill (E10)
All the World's a Stage 11:00 AM Amphitheater
Archery Populace War Point 11:00 AM General Archery
Beginning Period-ish Feather Work for Fletching 11:00 AM A&S 4
Card Games 11:00 AM Games Tent
Introduction to Japanese Syllabic Verse 11:00 AM A&S 1
Justinian’s Plague and The Great Mortality 11:00 AM A&S 7
Kingdom in the Sun: The Normans in Sicily 11:00 AM A&S 8
Livery Collars 11:00 AM A&S 14
Medieval Calendars 11:00 AM A&S 15
Medieval Soil Amendments 11:00 AM A&S 17
Meet the Cancionero de Palacio 11:00 AM Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent
Midrealm's Digital Alexandria 11:00 AM A&S 13
Playwriting for A&S 11:00 AM A&S 9
Seeþing Sope: Or, How to Boil Medieval Soap 11:00 AM A&S 10
The Road to Avalon 11:00 AM A&S 3
Viking Whipcord: Don’t Plunder Without It 11:00 AM A&S 6
Which Cheese Is Good Cheese? 11:00 AM A&S 18
White Vine Illuminated Border 11:00 AM Family Point Tent 2
Bransles with Partners 12:00 PM Dance Tent
Kumihimo for Teens: Learn and Do 12:00 PM A&S 6
A Time and a Place: Non-traditional Service 12:00 PM A&S 8
Beginning Repoussé and Chasing 12:00 PM Livonia Smithery (170)
Bring Out Your Dead: Bubonic Plague Simulation 12:00 PM Family Point Tent 2
Family Archery and Friendly Competitions 12:00 PM Family Range
Girona Tapestry, Tapestry of Creation 12:00 PM A&S 7
Heels and Toes: Knit Stockings in Period 12:00 PM A&S 18
History of Period Sewing Tools 12:00 PM A&S 14
How to Measure Yourself Plus Basic Patterning Tips 12:00 PM A&S 12
Introduction to Commedia 12:00 PM Amphitheater
Introduction to Roman Cooking and Eating 12:00 PM Hunters Home (M-01)
It's Knotwork ... It's Fun! 12:00 PM Æthelmearc 1
Late Period: What Ordinary People Wore 12:00 PM A&S 5
Medieval Folk Dance 12:00 PM Bog U
Medieval-Style Mustards 12:00 PM A&S 10
Nalbinding Project: Help and Discussion 12:00 PM A&S 17
Rehearsal (Closed): Known World Choirs 12:00 PM Performing Arts Tent
Runes: the Younger Futhark 12:00 PM A&S 2
Speaking Shakespeare 12:00 PM Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent
Thrown Weapons Champions 12:00 PM Thrown Weapons Range
Unsolved Mysteries of the Middle Ages 12:00 PM A&S 13
Æthelmearc-Sponsored Novelty Shoot 12:00 PM Novelty Range
Contrapasso da Farsi in Ruota 1:00 PM Dance Tent
Mandala: A Gateway to Buddhist Cosmology 1:00 PM A&S 15
Ansteorran Rapier Tourney 1:00 PM Rapier List 1
Basic Name Documentation 1:00 PM A&S 5
Bizarre Religious Practices of the Middle Ages 1:00 PM A&S 13
Card-Weaving Basics 1:00 PM Pine Box Traders (192)
Courtesan Roundtable 1:00 PM A&S 16
Creating Kingdom-Sized Performing Arts Programs 1:00 PM A&S 9
Cut-and-Thrust Medieval Weapons Tournament 1:00 PM Rapier List 3
Double-Faced Tablet Weaving 1:00 PM RS2
I Do Not Think That Means What You Think It Means 1:00 PM A&S 8
Introduction to Fiber Prep 1:00 PM Bog U
Introduction to Sprang 1:00 PM A&S 3
Patterning the Minoan Underdress and Skirt 1:00 PM A&S 1
Period Greek Make-and-Take 1:00 PM A&S 12
Recipes from the 1549 Banchetti 1:00 PM A&S 18
Silk Painting for Teens 1:00 PM A&S 6
Useful Pockets for a Ladye 1:00 PM A&S 11
Beginning Engraving 1:30 PM Livonia Smithery (170)
A Game of "Hide the Distaff": The Distaff Gospels 2:00 PM Bog U
A Historical Survey of Western Music Notation 2:00 PM Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent
Armored Bridge Battle 2:00 PM Battlefield List
Bling Out Your Veils 2:00 PM A&S 1
Ibn Sina's Herbs 2:00 PM A&S 5
Loop-in-Loop Chainmaking Demo/Discussion 2:00 PM A&S 4
Medieval Dances for Everyone 2:00 PM Dance Tent
Papercut Art Around the World 2:00 PM A&S 10
Reinventing the Wheel 2:00 PM A&S 2
Roses, Part 1: Then and Now 2:00 PM A&S 7
Slaves and Freedpersons in Ancient Rome 2:00 PM A&S 8
Social Theory of Commedia dell'Arte 2:00 PM A&S 9
Spinning 101 2:00 PM A&S 18
Vocal Performance of Poetry in the Society 2:00 PM A&S 9
Youth Combat Rain-out Schedule 2:00 PM Youth Combat List
PA Afternoon Series: Storytelling Expo 2:30 PM Performing Arts Tent
Advanced Engraving 3:00 PM Livonia Smithery (170)
Bardic Symposium 4: Overcoming Writer’s Block 3:00 PM A&S 9
Beginning Bard Craft for Teens 3:00 PM A&S 6
Book Lovers' Tea 3:00 PM A&S 18
Defense Against Dark Rhetoric 3:00 PM Bog U
Family Stick Weaving 3:00 PM Pine Box Traders (192)
Gresley Dances: Troublesome Tribus 3:00 PM Dance Tent
How Thor Solves an Argument 3:00 PM A&S 8
Knowne World Courtesans' Social 3:00 PM Courtesan College (Strawberry Fields B06 on Ankara)
Ladies of the Rose Happy Hour 3:00 PM AEthelmearc Royal (N04)
Make a Cup Cover for 'Tweens 3:00 PM Family Point Tent 2
Medieval and Renaissance Vocal Performance 3:00 PM Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent
Midrealm College of Heralds Restructure Plan 3:00 PM A&S 12
Rise of Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 13th-14th C. 3:00 PM A&S 14
Roses, Part 2: How to Grow Period Roses 3:00 PM A&S 7
Russian Calligraphy 3:00 PM Æthelmearc 1
Slithery Slow: Slow, Powerful Belly Dance 3:00 PM Middle Eastern Tent
Tablet Weavers' Tea 3:00 PM Atlantia Royal- Artisan's Easement (N20)
The One Ring Tourney 3:00 PM Rapier List 4
Welsh Poetic Harmony 3:00 PM A&S 3
Empire of the Sun Battle 3:30 PM South Battlefield
Basic Bookbinding 4:00 PM A&S 12
Battlefield Set-Up 4:00 PM Battlefield List
Bling Out Your Veils 4:00 PM Family Point Tent 2
Dwarves vs. Giants 4:00 PM East Battlefield
East Kingdom Herbalists & Apothecaries' Guild Meet 4:00 PM A&S 13
Introduction to Combat Archery 4:00 PM A&S 17
Mounted Hunting: Riding to Hounds in Period 4:00 PM A&S 8
Period Pigments & Paints: Make a Period Paint Set! 4:00 PM Guild Mirandola (Booth 167)
Youth Vocal Heraldry: How to Be Heard & Understood 4:00 PM A&S 6
Storytelling Academy Student Performance 4:30 PM Performing Arts Tent
Opera dell'Est 5:00 PM Performing Arts Tent
Sprang Basics 5:00 PM Pine Box Traders (192)
The Teacher/Student Thing (Panel Discussion) 5:00 PM Rapier Tent
Witches (and Similar Practitioners) in Period 5:00 PM Cabochons (Bow Street)
Chorale du Lac (Bog Choir) 6:00 PM Bog U
Chorulus Pennsicus Rehearsals 6:00 PM Barony of Lochmere (Battle Road on the Serengetti, Block N19)
Ansteorra Royal Court 6:00 PM Ansteorra Royal (N06)
Calontir Kingdom Court 6:00 PM Calontir Royal (N05)
Iron Commedia World Premiere at the Amphitheater 6:00 PM Amphitheater
Known World Recorder Ensemble Performance 6:00 PM Performing Arts Tent
Northshield Royal Court 6:00 PM Great Hall
Rehearsal (Closed): KWC Pre-Performance Warm-Ups 6:00 PM Dance Tent
KWC Concert Backstage Overflow (Closed) 6:30 PM A&S 9
Known World Choirs Performance 6:30 PM Performing Arts Tent
i Verdi Confusi: a Fairy Funny Farce II 7:00 PM Amphitheater
Bedtime Stories for Children 7:00 PM A&S 13
Ealdomere Court 7:00 PM Ealdomere Royal (W17)
Middle Kingdom Court 7:00 PM Fort
Rehearsal (Closed): KWP Backstage Overflow 7:00 PM Performing Arts Tent
Nutmegs & Ginger 8:00 PM Performing Arts Tent
Clan Blue Feather Encampment Party 9:00 PM Clan Blue Feather (E12)
Reduction Ball 9:00 PM Dance Tent
Ruaidhri's Stories Your Mother Never Told You 9:00 PM Performing Arts Tent
Æthelmearc Royal Party 9:00 PM Æthelmearc Royal (N04)
Commedia All Stars 9:30 PM Performing Arts Tent


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There are no changes for this date.