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Changes for Thursday, August 04


Cancelled Class Name Class Time Location
Intermediate Archery Class 7:00 AM Archery
Études 1 and 2 for Single Sword (Fencing) 8:00 AM Rapier List 1
Yoga for Anyone and Everyone 8:00 AM Dance Tent
Youth Armored Combat: Morning 8:00 AM Youth Combat List
Basic Pell Construction 9:00 AM A&S 10
Beginner's Beginning Knitting: Washcloth Edition 9:00 AM A&S 17
Beginning Tatting, Part 1 9:00 AM A&S 15
Closing Your Clothes 9:00 AM A&S 13
Four-Color Flat Lucet Cord 9:00 AM A&S 16
How to Make Period Furniture That Packs Flat 9:00 AM A&S 19
How to Write Poetry Like a Well-Mannered Brute! 9:00 AM A&S 7
Inkle Weaving Basics 9:00 AM Pine Box Traders (192)
Introduction to The Tale of Genji 9:00 AM A&S 8
Lucet, Beyond Square Cord 9:00 AM A&S 5
Modern Gaming: Peace Week 9:00 AM A&S 14
Scroll Painting for the Very Young 9:00 AM Family Point Tent 1
Sixteen Irish Goddesses 9:00 AM Battlefield Loud
The History and Development of the Houppelande 9:00 AM A&S 12
Waste-Free Garment Cutting 9:00 AM Maison Rive (space #24 (opposite camp store))
De Lapidibus 10:00 AM A&S 8
Iki: Composing Japanese Scroll Texts 10:00 AM Æthelmearc 1
Mehteran: Ottoman Janissary Band 10:00 AM Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent (PART)
RúnValdr 10:00 AM Cabochons (Bow Street)
Beginner Thrown Weapons 10:00 AM Thrown Weapons Training Range
Beginning Silk Banners 10:00 AM A&S 10
Early Bird Tournament 16 10:00 AM Rapier List 1
Historical Uses of Poisons 10:00 AM A&S 13
Known World Choir Rehearsal 10:00 AM Performing Arts Rehearsal & CLassroom (PARC)
Michel de Notredame: Linguistic Traits 10:00 AM A&S 3
Open Knitting Circle 10:00 AM A&S 17
Open Tent Place Holder 10:00 AM A&S 11
Secret Codes and Hidden Messages 10:00 AM Family Point Tent 1
Weed Walk 10:00 AM University Point
Áine's Teen D&D Adventure 10:00 AM Family Games Tent
Enchant with Your Dance 10:45 AM Middle Eastern Tent
Lark In the Morning: Troubadour Poetry and Lore 11:00 AM A&S 7
Meigaku: Design and Document Japanese Names 11:00 AM A&S 2
A Manuscript of a Different Color 11:00 AM Guild Mirandola
Chess on Different Boards 11:00 AM Games Tent
Cool/Cold Water Neck Wraps 11:00 AM A&S 18
How Did People Throughout History Tell Time? 11:00 AM Family Point Tent 1
Mistress Lissa Teaches Glass Bead-Making/Research 11:00 AM A&S 4
Peace Week Archery Practice 11:00 AM Archery
Peerage Basics and Roundtable 11:00 AM A&S 12
Pennsic Homes, The Tour 11:00 AM University Point (Caer Cinnuint E01)
SCA Persona Development 11:00 AM A&S 20
The Dangerous Beauty: Series 3, La Tresca! - CCt 11:00 AM Courtesan College (Strawberry Fields B06 (Between Ankara & Visby Vale there will be signs))
The English Language Is a Mess: What Happened? 11:00 AM A&S 5
Tips for Teaching a Better A&S Class 11:00 AM A&S 8
Wire Drawing and Riveted Chain Mail 11:00 AM A&S 13
Concerning Mohammed and the Well-Guided Caliphs 12:00 PM A&S 3
Fun 15th-Century English Dances 12:00 PM Dance Tent
Introduction to Roman Cooking and Eating 12:00 PM Hunters Home (M-01)
Open Tent Place Holder 12:00 PM A&S 11
The Pilgrimage Project 12:00 PM A&S 9
The Viborg Shirt Seams (11th-C Danish Skyrta) 12:00 PM A&S 13
Bellydance: Building Blocks 12:30 PM Middle Eastern Tent
Senat 1:00 PM Games Tent
Xia: The Chinese Knight-Errant 1:00 PM A&S 16
Beyond the Cloth: Persona Glassware, Early Period 1:00 PM Historical Glassworks (Booth #109)
Danish Bog Shirt: Make-and-Take 1:00 PM A&S 12
Favors and Tokens 1:00 PM A&S 7
Heraldry for Scribes 1:00 PM A&S 2
Illumination for Youth and Teens 1:00 PM Family Point Tent 2
Latin Reading 1:00 PM Barony of Settmour Swamp (E12)
Make Your Own Roman-Style Brooch (Fibula) 1:00 PM A&S 5
Making Embroidery Easy 1:00 PM A&S 8
Pre-16th-Century Musical Modal Improvisation 1:00 PM Cafe Marhaba (Food Court Near Barn)
Recorder Jam with Siri! Part 2 1:00 PM Performing Arts Rehearsal & CLassroom (PARC)
Sprang Basics 1:00 PM Pine Box Traders (192)
Stick to Sword: Rattan Weaponmaking 101 1:00 PM A&S 10
Street Smarts 1:00 PM A&S 20
The Pennsic Mightier: Improv Workshop 1:00 PM Amphitheater
Origami Lotuses 2:00 PM A&S 18
Beginner Dance: English Country 2:00 PM Dance Tent
Bring Out Your Looms! 2:00 PM A&S 8
Helm Padding and Strapping 101 2:00 PM A&S 10
Introduction to German Brick Stitch Embroidery 2:00 PM A&S 7
KWP Pennsic Readers' Theater: Open Adult Rehearsal 2:00 PM A&S 9
Lampworked Bead Shaping 2:00 PM A&S 4
Learn About Equestrian Games 2:00 PM Family Point Tent 1
Making It Real 2:00 PM A&S 5
Pooh, Pooh, Pooh! I See You! 2:00 PM A&S 13
Teen Viking Wire Weaving 2:00 PM Family Point Tent 2
The History of Prostitution - CCt 2:00 PM Courtesan College (Strawberry Fields B06 (off eLeri Lane between Ankara and Visby Vale))
Welsh Poetic Harmony 2:00 PM A&S 3
Where's Lord Waldo? 2:00 PM A&S 20
Youth Armored Combat: Afternoon 2:00 PM Youth Combat List
Arabic Hip Movements 2:15 PM Middle Eastern Tent
Make Beautiful Scrolls Using Micography 3:00 PM Æthelmearc 2
Domos Draconum Level 1: Intro - Old School D & D 3:00 PM Family Games Tent
The Island Princess and English Colonial Fantasy 3:00 PM A&S 3
Basic Bookbinding 3:00 PM A&S 10
Early Medieval Glassblowing Demo (Furnace Glass) 3:00 PM Historical Glassworks (Booth #109)
Pillbox Hat Patterning and Sewing Class 3:00 PM A&S 17
Sources for Islamic Persona: A Discussion 3:00 PM A&S 13
Traditions in the SCA: A Roundtable Discussion 3:00 PM A&S 12
12-Step Meetings 4:00 PM Denys the Decadent's Camp (EO7)
Bardic Coaching 4:00 PM A&S 9
Game of the Goose 4:00 PM Games Tent
Open Torch 4:00 PM A&S 4
Yoga for Anyone and Everyone 4:00 PM Great Dark Horde (E10)
Alquerques 6:00 PM Games Tent
Night Sky Over Pennsic 6:00 PM University Point (University Point Square)
Seishin-ryū Mushin-an Chaseki: Tea Ceremony 7:00 PM Clan Yama Kaminari (E03)
i Verdi Confusi: Peace Week Follies 7:00 PM Amphitheater
Bedtime Stories for Children 7:00 PM A&S 13
Compare 16th-C Persian & Ottoman Turkish Clothing 7:00 PM A&S 15
Glass Apprentice Challenge 7:00 PM A&S 4
Raunch and Romance - CCt 7:00 PM Courtesan College (Strawberry Fields B06 (off eLeri Lane between Ankara and Visby Vale))
T(ween) Game Night and Character Building 7:00 PM Family Point Tent 2
Wedding for Daru Bleudwydd and Sir Corvus Corvinus 7:00 PM Fort
Open Dancing 9:00 PM Dance Tent


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