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Changes for Friday, August 05


Cancelled Class Name Class Time Location
4th Annual Pennsic Flight Shoot 7:00 AM Archery
Études 1 and 2 for Single Sword (Fencing) 8:00 AM Rapier List 1
Yoga for Anyone and Everyone 8:00 AM Dance Tent
Youth Armored Combat: Morning 8:00 AM Youth Combat List
A Feast Fit For Bees (And Other Pollinators!) 9:00 AM A&S 8
A Guide to Retaining 9:00 AM A&S 18
Beginning Irish Language 9:00 AM Battlefield Loud
Beginning Tatting, Part 2 9:00 AM A&S 15
Carry All Your Crap on Your Head 9:00 AM A&S 17
Cryptography in the Middle Ages 9:00 AM A&S 7
Deeper Look at Textiles & Trim of Viking Age Dress 9:00 AM A&S 12
Embroidery: How Do I Do That!?! 9:00 AM A&S 5
Keyhole Neckline Facing for a Simple Tunic 9:00 AM A&S 13
Leather Dyes of Medieval Europe 9:00 AM A&S 16
Make A Pouch! 9:00 AM Family Point Tent 1
Modern Gaming: Peace Week 9:00 AM A&S 14
Rattan Weapon Making: Part 2 9:00 AM A&S 10
Rob Peter to Feed Paul: More Feast for Less $ 9:00 AM A&S 19
Russian Gold Work Embroidery 9:00 AM A&S 2
Stick Weaving 9:00 AM Pine Box Traders (192)
The 6th-Century Plague 9:00 AM A&S 6
Mehteran: Ottoman Janissary Band 10:00 AM Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent (PART)
Seishin-ryū Chadō Okeiko: Tea Ceremony Workshop 10:00 AM Clan Yama Kaminari (E03)
10th Annual Rapier Poker Tournament 10:00 AM Rapier List 1
Basic Jewelry-Making, or How to Float a Pearl 10:00 AM A&S 10
Cooking with Crockery on a Campfire 10:00 AM The Camp of the Three Bears (N17 along Battle Road)
Henna History 10:00 AM A&S 18
Introduction to Central Asian Archery/Thumb Ring 10:00 AM Gold Range
KWP Pennsic Readers' Theater: Open Adult Rehearsal 10:00 AM Performing Arts Tent
Known World Choir Rehearsal 10:00 AM Performing Arts Rehearsal & CLassroom (PARC)
Macramé 10:00 AM A&S 5
Night's Black Agents: Elizabethan Espionage 10:00 AM A&S 7
Open Tent Place Holder 10:00 AM A&S 11
Overview: The Bara Method from The Modern Maker 10:00 AM A&S 13
Shakespeare Monologues – for Fun and Auditions 10:00 AM Amphitheater
Toddler Playgroup (Under 4) 10:00 AM Playground
Weed Walk 10:00 AM University Point
Youth Axe-Throwing Instruction 10:00 AM Thrown Weapons Training Range
Youth Introduction to Japanese Calligraphy 10:00 AM Family Point Tent 1
Áine's Teen D&D Adventure 10:00 AM Family Games Tent
Enchant with Your Dance 10:45 AM Middle Eastern Tent
14th-Century Armor: Its Development Across Europe 11:00 AM A&S 13
Beginner Sewing: Dragon Stuffies 11:00 AM Family Point Tent 1
Easy 16th-Century Dances from Caroso 11:00 AM Dance Tent
Frame Drumming 101 11:00 AM Battlefield Loud
Intro to Tablet (Card) Weaving 11:00 AM A&S 15
Mistress Lissa Teaches Glass Bead-Making/Research 11:00 AM A&S 4
Mythbusting Period Piracy 11:00 AM A&S 5
Neurodiversity in the SCA 11:00 AM A&S 12
Peace Week Archery Practice 11:00 AM Archery
Period Card Games: Tarot 11:00 AM Games Tent
So You Want to Be an Apothecary in the SCA 11:00 AM A&S 8
The Carolingian "Renaissance"? 11:00 AM A&S 6
The Dangerous Beauty: Series 4, Allora! - CCt 11:00 AM Courtesan College (Strawberry Fields B06 (Between Ankara & Visby Vale there will be signs))
The New Bard's Road Map 11:00 AM A&S 9
WTF? Watching The Fight: Understanding SCA Combat 11:00 AM A&S 20
Youth Introduction to Japanese Calligraphy 11:00 AM Family Point Tent 2
A Fun Threesome: Belfiore 12:00 PM Dance Tent
Asian Persona Meetup 12:00 PM A&S 12
Beginning Inkle Weaving 12:00 PM Egil's Woodstuff
Pennsic Tips and Tricks Things I Wish I'd Known 12:00 PM A&S 20
So You Want to Be an Assassin in the SCA 12:00 PM A&S 8
String Theory 12:00 PM Performing Arts Rehearsal & CLassroom (PARC)
Cuirboulli: Water-Hardened Leather Armor 1:00 PM A&S 7
Gracca Amorosa for Beginners 1:00 PM Dance Tent
Ludus duodecim scriptorum or XII Scripta 1:00 PM Games Tent
Shūji: Japanese Calligraphy Workshop 1:00 PM Æthelmearc 2
Beginner Thrown Weapons 1:00 PM Thrown Weapons Training Range
Beyond the Cloth: Persona Glassware, Late Period 1:00 PM Historical Glassworks (Booth #109)
Construction in Leather Using Welted Seams 1:00 PM A&S 10
Heraldic Field Games 1:00 PM Family Point Tent 1
History and Symbolism of the Unicorn Tapestries 1:00 PM A&S 15
Keeping Bees in the Knowne World 1:00 PM House Raeburn (N16)
Knitting in the 16th Century: An Overview 1:00 PM A&S 18
Latin Reading 1:00 PM Barony of Settmour Swamp (E12)
Lucet Basics 1:00 PM Pine Box Traders (192)
Make Your Own Roman-Style Brooch (Fibula) 1:00 PM A&S 5
Making a "Glastonbury Lite" Chair 1:00 PM A&S 12
Middle Eastern Menswear 101 1:00 PM A&S 8
Risqué Pompeii: Art Under the Volcano - CCt 1:00 PM Courtesan College (Strawberry Fields B06 (off eLeri Lane between Ankara and Visby Vale)))
Teen Chainmaille Necklaces 1:00 PM Family Point Tent 2
Text to Telling 1:00 PM A&S 9
The Innocence of Guenevere 1:00 PM A&S 13
The Pennsic Mightier: Improv Workshop 1:00 PM Amphitheater
Welcome to the SCA: Now What? 1:00 PM A&S 20
Yoga for Fighters, Fencers and Folk of the Realm 1:00 PM Middle Eastern Tent
Advanced Viking Knitting 2:00 PM A&S 13
An Introduction to the Scythians 2:00 PM A&S 8
Beginner Dance: Inns of Court 2:00 PM Dance Tent
Create a Heraldic Device 2:00 PM Family Point Tent 1
Gathering of the Louds 2:00 PM Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent (PART)
Make Your Mark: The Basics of Creating Heraldry 2:00 PM A&S 20
Master Magnus Mystery Tournament 2:00 PM Thrown Weapons Range
Open Torch 2:00 PM A&S 4
Preschooler Playgroup (Over 3) 2:00 PM Playground
Safely Foraging Local Mushrooms 2:00 PM A&S 16
The Way of Saint James: Pilgrims to Santiago 2:00 PM A&S 7
Youth Armored Combat: Afternoon 2:00 PM Youth Combat List
Domos Draconum Level 2: More Old School D & D 3:00 PM Family Games Tent
Petits Vriens: Two Different Ways! 3:00 PM Dance Tent
i Sebastiani Closed Rehearsal 3:00 PM Amphitheater
Archery Marshals Meeting 3:00 PM Archery Tent
German Renaissance Glass Demo (Furnace Glass) 3:00 PM Historical Glassworks (Booth #109)
Music as Service in the SCA 3:00 PM A&S 9
Period Drinking Songs 3:00 PM Performing Arts Rehearsal & CLassroom (PARC)
Sharp Shimmy and the Whole Shebang! 3:00 PM Middle Eastern Tent
Telling Stories as Your Persona 3:00 PM A&S 6
The Best of The Knowne Worlde Rapier Tourney 3:00 PM Rapier List 1
The History of Clan Blue Feather 3:00 PM A&S 12
12-Step Meetings 4:00 PM Denys the Decadent's Camp (EO7)
Feeding Your Fighting Demons 4:00 PM A&S 12
Introduction to Go 4:00 PM Games Tent
My Hair Is So Extra and So Am I - CCt 4:00 PM Courtesan College (Strawberry Fields B06 (off eLeri Lane between Ankara and Visby Vale))
Yoga for Anyone and Everyone 4:00 PM Great Dark Horde (E10)
Master Cariadoc 4:30 PM Performing Arts Tent
Glass Apprentice Challenge 5:00 PM A&S 4
The Pennsic Mightier: Improv Comedy Show 5:00 PM Performing Arts Tent
Elaisse de Garrigues: Songs for the SCA 6:00 PM Performing Arts Tent
Period Card Games: Karnoffel 6:00 PM Games Tent
Bedtime Stories for Children 7:00 PM A&S 13
KWP Pennsic Readers' Theater: Ecclesiazusae 7:00 PM Performing Arts Tent
T(w)een Night: The Great Pennsic RPG Adventure 7:00 PM Family Point Tent 2
Period Jewelry: A Slide Show 8:00 PM A&S 4
Gnome Pete Memorial Glow Stick Tournament 8:30 PM Thrown Weapons Range
Open Dancing 9:00 PM Dance Tent
Ruaidhri's Stories 9:00 PM Performing Arts Tent
Efenwealt Wystle and Company 10:00 PM Performing Arts Tent


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